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    Will the Covid-19 awaken the fashion industry to use sustainable products?

    Bandana Tewari wrote: This blockade tells us that, besides the clean air, clean water, healthy food, and loved ones, there is too much waste and greed in our daily consumption.

    Bali, Indonesia-Wednesday, March 25 is the Nyepi Festival, a very sacred day in Bali. This festival is also known as “Meditation Day”. It is mandatory for silence 24 hours a day, and there is no sound, fasting, or meditation throughout the island. This is a tradition dating back hundreds of years. As always, power and internet were cut off on Wednesday. No traces of cars, motorcycles or bicycles are seen on the streets. Denpasar International Airport prohibits flights from taking off or landing.

    “Every insect, every plant and every soil on the island is soaked in silence, and nature can breathe freely in the silence.” My friend Maya Kerthyasa said.

    This is my fourth meditation day in this tropical paradise and I have lived here since 2016. This is a tradition I like very much. On this day, people abandon all external stimuli, self-reflection, and meditation. People are completely away from all conveniences.

    I was surprised to find that the blockade caused by the new crown epidemic was quite similar to Meditation Day. The New Crown Virus brought us a lot of free time to be irritable and hurried, forcing us to bow and reflect, which is mixed with a lot of existential anxiety. What kind of experience is this kind of inner vacuum? The Meditation Festival tells us that without artificial noise and light, we can glimpse the beauty of the universe at night and appreciate the bright galaxy. Meditation also strengthens our fears, forcing us to rethink and adjust our position and goals on earth.

    Because of the New Crown Virus, our lives are paralyzed. I can’t help thinking: Now I have no confidence in my future. What is the real meaning of living in the present? Under the current situation, the so-called professional ambitions are very empty. How can I look forward to the future?

    Speaking of career, I remembered that when I went to visit farmers and fishermen nearby, I was suddenly struck by their professionalism. They cultivated the land for many years, and sailed in the ocean and the sea for many years, just to let my table have fresh food. I found that they speak a different language from us: their understanding of giving and obtaining this issue is very different from ours. What touched me was their thinking-“We are not standing on this land; we are this land”. In my opinion, this is the true meaning of sustainable development. Traditional farmers and fishermen are heroes in our daily lives. Their outlook on life, rooted in labor, was ignored by many of us before the new crown epidemic.

    But now, I think for the first time people around the world understand the true meaning of “sustainable development”. It’s in everyone’s life. It is among the everyday choices that have an extraordinary impact on the world. We who live in isolation understand that beyond basic needs such as clean air, clean water, healthy food, and companionship of dear ones, everything else can be called extravagant and extravagant. Now, the concept of sustainable development has penetrated into our daily behavior. We realize that the concepts of “more”, “faster”, and “bigger is better” no longer work. When we sit at home and think about the world that is about to change dramatically, we have to reflect deeply and change our minds to say goodbye to the past-especially the blind consumerism that supports the fashion system.

    When we stand up, we have to ask ourselves: What kind of tomorrow will consumers, operators and employees of the fashion industry usher in? After this crisis, we must have a profound awakening. For the sustainable development of this industry, and for the sustainable development of mankind, we must break the old model and look for new, higher-end survival methods. Sustainable development is not only about wearing organic T-shirts, but also a way of life. The gods in fantasy won’t come to save us, we can only rely on our own hands to protect the planet and commit ourselves to live in harmony with nature.

    Let us start now, to prevent the use of genuine leather, to prevent harm to animals, and to prevent the emission of large amounts of harmful gases.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been committed to green and environmentally sustainable development for more than ten years. From raw material water-based resin to water-based leather, it is non-toxic and harmless, does not contain DMF, DOP and other harmful chemical substances, and the production process is safe and reliable. Zero VOC. Water-based leather is the best choice for sustainable development.

    Our water-based leather products are widely used in clothing, shoe, home improvement, sofas, bags, automobile interior and other fields.

    Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co

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